You Me Her - Season 4 Episode 8


Episode 8 : A Whole Bouillabaisse Of Crazy.
Lala's Not The Only One Izzy Has To Make Reparations To; Her Bad Late-night Choices Seem To Keep Ringing Up Consequences, Forcing EJI To Confront Issues They've All Been Desperately Ducking..
An Unusual, Real-world Romance Involving Relatable People, With One Catch - There Are Three Of Them! You Me Her Infuses The Sensibilities Of A Smart, Grounded Indie Rom-com With A Distinctive Twist: One Of The Two Parties Just Happens To Be A Suburban Married Couple.

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Year : (2019)

Langue : English Release English

Section : Tvshow

Quality :  HDTV

Season : 4

Episode : 8

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