Proven Innocent - Season 1 Episode 5


Episode 5 : Cross To Bear.
When A White Supremacist Begs The Injustice Defense Group To Help Him Overturn His Wrongful Conviction, The Team Clashes Over Whether They Should Take His Case. Despite The Team's Objections, Madeline Is Determined To Prove His Innocence. Bellows Approaches An Ethical Crossroad In His Race And Must Make A Campaign-changing Decision. Meanwhile, Levi Continues To Impulsively Investigate Who Framed Him For Rosemary's Death..
At Age 18, Madeline Scott Was Wrongfully Convicted, Along With Her Brother, Levi, In A Sensational Hug Case That Made Her An Infamous Media Obsession. When She Was Finally Released After Seven Years In Prison, She Decided To Commit Herself To The Pursuit Of Justice, Becoming A Partner In An Underdog Criminal Defense Firm With Easy Boudreau, The Lawyer Who Helped Set Her Free. Rounding Out Their Team Are Investigator Bodie Quick And Communications Director Violet Bell. Together, They Work To Defend Others, While Madeline Continues Searching For The Real Hugger In Her Own Case.

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Year : (2019)

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Episode : 5

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