Time Master - Wyatt Kane

Time Master - Wyatt Kane - 2019 By: Wyatt Kane
Narrated by: Chris Graves
Length: 7 hrs and 10 mins
Unabridged Audiobook
Release date: 07-29-19
Language: English
Genre: Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Humor
Publisher: Grave Audio Productions
Format: mp3 64/44.1 stereo
Publisher's Summary Time travel. Alien bug-monsters. Beautiful women.
Not bad for a strip-club bouncer with a talent for slowing down time.
I never thought my power was good for anything really important. It was useful for helping me win fistfights against drunken customers, and for ogling the girls onstage. But saving the multiverse against a plague of inter-dimensional monsters?
That was a bit out of my league.
Or so I believed. But then a massive time-rift opened up behind the club, and a mad old time wizard saved my life. Now, here I am, careening through time in an old hippie van, with two crazy-hot strippers and an AI at my side, trying to level up enough to defeat the monsters.
Sure, there’s a damn good chance I’ll die trying, but it ought to be one hell of a ride.
Note: This book contains harem elements. ©2019 Wyatt Kane (P)2019 Grave Audio Productions 24/7 Seedbox Support

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